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It all started in 2003 when BYU Ad Faculty Doug McKinley and Jeff Sheets were eating cheese and dreaming in their office. They thought, “If we want to produce the best ad graduates in the nation, we have to provide the best educational experience in the nation.” So together with the BYU advertising faculty they created the AdLab, a student run, professionally mentored ad agency. They gave real briefs to students, bridging the gap between student and professional work.

The first clients to collaborate with the AdLab were the Ad Council, Holiday-Inn, Burger King, and Nike. The students didn’t reach the industry bar. They surpassed it. Now under the direction of Pat Doyle, the AdLab is comprised of over 150 students and ranks as one of the top undergraduate ad programs in the nation.

The Godfathers

If your goal is to get into the advertising program we commend you on your ability to make great life choices. You should be warned, getting into the Ad Program is not a walk in the park it requires constant brain stretching and public dancing. If you are still determined here is the path to greatness.

Our program is built to mirror and prepare students to work in a full house ad agency. Once students are admitted into the program they choose and apply to one of the following emphasis:

Account Management – They make the fun happen, on time.

Art direction – They make sure the fun is pretty.

Copywriting – They make the fun sound fun.

Content creators – They document the fun to make sure everyone wishes they were at the fun.

To see examples of senior portfolios in each emphasis, check out the people page.