Vespa – Ride To Fly


Vespa - Ride To Fly About Riding a Vespa is the closest you can get to flying while still remaining on the ground. By reminding consumers already familiar with the brand of the enjoyable possibilities of a scooter ride, and also of the international charm of the Vespa experience, brand perception will become synonymous with [...]

Pokemon Go for Good


Go for Good About The biggest game of the century was released this summer, Pokémon Go. We realized that not everyone could play, hospitalized kids. Working alongside Primary Children’s Hospital we created Go for Good, a platform that enables hospitalized children to play Pokémon Go safely.  Volunteers acted as live-personal avatars became the [...]

Project Gram Gram


Project Gram Gram About While technology might bring our fast paced world together, not everyone is included in the communication craze, grandma. While you update your profile with pics on the daily, grandma is missing it all. Until now. We created Project Gram Gram a platform that prints your social media posts and [...]

Ad Fight


Ad Fight Part 1 About A group of graduating BYU seniors wanted to flex their creative muscles so they decided to have an Ad Fight. Two undergraduate programs went head to head to address one creative brief. The judge was the Martin Agency. The teams: BYU vs. University of Colorado. The two teams had [...]