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Project Description

Food And Care Coalition – Venmo The Homeless


Venmo is a technological advancement taking the nation by storm; fueling an increasingly cashless society. While convenient, we realized that a cashless populous doesn’t benefit everyone, especially not the homeless. We partnered with Provo’s local homeless shelter, the Utah Food and Care Coalition, and helped them create a Venmo account – so that cashless millennials could still have an opportunity to donate to a worthy cause. The video we created was released on their Facebook page and reached 24K views, 246 shares and $1550 in donations during the first 24 hours. Since then, it has earned more than 83k views, 441 shares and raised over $5,000. Venmo-ing the homeless became a reality, and we proved that Provo might be cashless, but they are certainly not heartless.

Art Director

Keith Read


Wilsynn Wheat

Content Creator

Jason Murray


2017 Silver Addy – TV Single