Project Description

Ad Fight Part 1


A group of graduating BYU seniors wanted to flex their creative muscles so they decided to have an Ad Fight. Two undergraduate programs went head to head to address one creative brief. The judge was the Martin Agency. The teams: BYU vs. University of Colorado.

The two teams had 72 hours to solve the creative brief provided by IntelliSoft. Students were challenged to respond as the gaming industry to a tragic shooting where the shooter quoted one of their games without accepting responsibility, excusing violence, or apologizing.

Ad Fight Part 2: Right Trigger


The lab invited gamers everywhere to “add their voice” to show support via video submissions. The gamer’s responses countered the negative tragic singular voice of the shooter. Their messages were uniting, uplifting, and positive.

To take the campaign even further gamers pledged to not shoot in real life in exchange for a blue right trigger for their gaming remote to play for peace and to reinforce their belief that virtual is not reality. The campaign responded with 900,000 pledges from the gaming community.

We won.



2014 Gold Addy